The Top 10 Biggest Sports #Fails of All Time

For athletes on the world stage, nothing is worse than choking under pressure. Here are the 10 most memorable transgressors

(AP Photo / Dave Martin)

9. The 2004 New York Yankees, American League Championship series

New York Yankees
(Shaun Best / Reuters / Corbis)
The plot: The Yankees led their perennial-loser archrivals, the Red Sox, three games to none, winning 10-7, 3-1 and 19-8. All was in order for the greatest team in sports history to advance to yet another World Series. No squad in baseball history had come back to win four in a row.

The choke: Dave Roberts, a pinch runner, stole second base with the Red Sox trailing in the ninth inning of the fourth game and the not-quite invincible Mariano Rivera blew the save as the Sox tied the game and then won it in on a home run by David Ortiz in the 12th inning. They went on to win their first World Series since 1918, ending the curst of the Bambino.


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