The Top 10 Biggest Sports #Fails of All Time

For athletes on the world stage, nothing is worse than choking under pressure. Here are the 10 most memorable transgressors

(AP Photo / Dave Martin)

7. Jana Novotna, Wimbledon, 1993

Jana Novotna
(Chris Cole / Getty Images)
The plot: Graf, right, had won the first set 7-6, but Novotna rallied back to dominate the second set 6-1 and was on the precipice of victory, leading the final and deciding set 4-1. In the sixth game, Novotna lead 40-30 and was just five points from winning the championship.

The choke: Novotna faltered on serve, double faulting with a chance to win the game. From there, she fell apart, missing a forehand volley and then an overhead into the net. One double fault followed another and within about ten minutes, Graf had won the deciding set 6-4.

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