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Robert M. Poole has written for National Geographic, Preservation, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Smithsonian. (Sam Abell)

Robert M. Poole on “The Battle of Arlington”

Robert M. Poole on “The Battle of Arlington”

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Getting to know the people who work behind the scenes to keep Arlington going—the specialty teams from the armed services who fire rifle salutes, fold the flags, play the music, drive the caissons; the groundskeepers and chaplains who make sure that a final salute at Arlington is carried out with care and dignity; the Tomb Guards who keep watch at the Tomb of the Unknowns around the clock, rain or shine. It is a remarkable place with a unique history. It is unlike any other place I know, with so many memorable characters, living and dead, that the great challenge for a writer is to pick a few to carry the story.

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