Q and A with Nick Stanhope, Creator of Historypin

By merging old photographs with new mapping technology, this site fuses new connections between the generations

Historypin is a website that allows users to "pin" old photographs, video or audio clips to Google Maps at the very locations they were snapped and recorded. Shown here is the Wisconsin State Capitol from 1939. (Courtesy of Historypin)

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We have always been hugely inspired by Wikipedia. There is a part of Historypin that is very similar to Wikipedia, which is the idea of this content getting better and better and more and more accurate. I guess there is a line somewhere between Flickr and Wikipedia that Historypin is trying to learn from. You can encourage people to share and put content onto a platform, and then you can encourage other people to add to, contextualize and improve the metadata and information attached to that content. We try to learn from people who have been doing it well for a long time.


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