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It's Over

We asked readers to tell us where they were and how they reacted to the news that World War II had ended. And what a response we got!

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One day in August, 1945, when I was 12 years old, my mother, younger sister and brother, an aunt and uncle were on Sunrise Highway, on Long Island, New York, heading back to my uncle and aunt's home in Manhasset. It had been a very hot day and the sun was a bright red, and the sky around it was various shades of red. The sun was about to set when we heard that the war in the Pacific was over! We all cheered very loudly. You see, my mother, father, sister, brother and I had all been Japanese Prisoners of War, for three years, one month less one day, in Santo Tomas Internment Camp in Manila, the Philippine Islands.

As life turned out, I married a man who lived in Providence, RI, and Rhode Island is the only state that still celebrates V-J Day! Although the name of the holiday has been changed, the WWII veterans have kept the meaning of that day alive.

Ann Hamilton Lewis Conroy
Warwick, Rhode Island



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