Dispatch from Stonehenge, Day 14

April 13: The Druids Bless Our Departure

(Cheryl Carlin)

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With eyes pressed to the ground, focusing on what's happening at your feet, it's easy to forget about the astonishing monument that you're standing within. You need to pause from time to time, take a deep breath and look around to remind yourself of the majesty of Stonehenge. The songs and speeches of the Druid ceremony provided believer and non-believer alike a few peaceful, reflective minutes to do just that.

Over the last two weeks, I've developed not only an affinity with this prehistoric site, but a deeper appreciation of the awe and reverence with which people throughout history have viewed this landscape and its iconic stones. Leaving for the last time was an affecting moment. No more shall I stand in the shadow of a looming trilithon, or beside a worn-down bluestone or over a broken sarsen stone. This phase of the project, alas, is now over. Goodbye, Stonehenge.

Dan Jones is a freelance science writer who has contributed articles to New Scientist.


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