Discovering George Washington

Little-known facts about the nation's first president

Mount Vernon Ladies' Association (Mount Vernon Ladies' Association)

—Washington's birth record does not include a middle name.

—Upon the death of his father, Augustine, Washington became an 11-year-old owner of ten slaves.

—Washington's formal education ended when he was around 15 years old.

— Washington stood six feet, three inches tall.

— He started losing his teeth in his twenties.

— The National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Md., has on display one of Washington's lower dentures—made from gold, ivory and lead, as well as human and animal teeth.

— The only time Washington traveled out of the country was to Barbados in 1751 with his brother Lawrence who was suffering from tuberculosis.

— He and Martha were both 27 when they married.

— Martha, who had first been married at 18, was one of the wealthiest widows in the Tidewater region of eastern Virginia when she married Washington. Only one of her four children with her first husband Daniel Custis survived to adulthood.

— When Washington inherited Mount Vernon from his brother, the plantation was 2,000 acres. By the time of George's death in 1799, it was 8,000 acres.


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