At Suffolk Downs, an Unintended Spectator

Photographer Henry Carfagna was in the perfect position to catch the moment when a horse race took a bizarre turn

In 1966, Henry Carfagna, the Suffolk Downs track photographer, prepared to take his standard picture of the horses driving toward the wire when he saw a man run onto the track. (Henry Carfagna / Suffolk Downs)
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Carfagna spent more than 30 years as the Suffolk Downs photographer; he died in 2003 at age 84. The Mayflower Stakes hasn’t been run since 1988, a casualty of the general decline in racing attendance. But in 1967, a Suffolk Downs official recalled, he received a call from someone identifying himself as Ted Lupino. The caller said he’d like to make the trophy presentation at that year’s Mayflower Stakes.

Robert Temple covered Thoroughbred, harness and dog racing for the Boston Traveler and Herald Traveler in the 1960s and ’70s.


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