Sitting Bull's Legacy

The Lakota Sioux leader's relics return to his only living descendants

(Adam Nadel)

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He was not born on the bank of Grand River in South Dakota, but he was born on Yellowstone River, south of Miles City, Montana. That is one of the biggest misconceptions in Sitting Bull's history. It's a shock to most people because everybody reads the history books that say he was born in South Dakota. I went up there and visited this place south of Miles City; it's a beautiful place. I had this warm feeling in my heart when I was walking around there, and I knew that's where he was born. But, when I go to Grand River, I have a feeling of sadness because it's right near where Sitting Bull was murdered—not where he was born. This is what my mother told me. Also, he wanted to be known as a sun dancer. The sun dance is a ceremony that a man does where he gives all of his energy. You dance for four days with no food or water. This is dance for the people's health and fertility, and its main purpose is to help our culture go on.


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