Camping It Up, Korean Style

A new Korean movie-musical poses the question: Does the quintessentially American teenage sex comedy have global cultural significance?

For some, the idea of watching a foreign film induces enough cringing to warrant medical attention. There seems to be this prevailing attitude that if a movie is either silent, or shot in black and white, or is in any language other than English, it is for the highbrow crowd.

But keep in mind that there are a limited number of plot lines circling the globe—anywhere between one and 36, depending on whom you ask—so in spite of language barriers, every story has a universal quality at its core. The joy of foreign film is experiencing a different culture’s spin on the "same old, same old."

Not long ago, the Freer Gallery of Art screened Dasepo Naughty Girls, a film adaptation of a popular Korean online-only comic strip, Multi-Cell Girl, that details the sex-capades of some rather naughty high school kids. (Sadly, this blogger could not access the Web site because he did not know enough Korean to be able to verify that he’s over the age of 19.)

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