Big Bono

The IMAX movie "U2 3D," currently on view at the Natural History Museum, adds new dimension to the age-old concert movie

The frustration is still there though when the camera gets down into the crowd at that place that's satisfyingly close to the stage, but furiously blocked by thin, pretty girls who get to sit on their boyfriends' shoulders. Honey, please get down, I can't see Bono! But then fortunately, we're buoyant again and swiftly cruising over crowd and stage, leaving the girls behind.

So what's this film got to do with Natural History?

Well, nothing really, it's a crowd pleaser. Says Jerry Sachs, the museum's manager of guest services, "It provides us the opportunity to bring in a demographic that otherwise might not come to the museum." But then with a smile adds, "Musicians. . . call it an anthropological study."

(Photograph Courtesy of 3ALITY Digital)
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