The Arranger

From bebop to hip-hop, nobody alive has done more for American music than Quincy Jones

Jones (sporting Frank Sinatra's ring) has a hand in the Beijing Olympics as well as ongoing music and movies (William Coupon)
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"His will is so strong that nothing seems out of reach for him," says his daughter Rashida.

As a night mist envelops his compound, Jones is waiting for his next-door neighbor and former paramour, actress Nastassja Kinski, to stop by with their 15-year-old daughter, Kenya. With two titanium knees and his doctors at Sweden's Karolinska Institute telling him to lose 30 pounds, he has his aches and pains. Still, he says, "I'm having the best time in my life in every way."

And what's the legacy that one of America's most significant musical artists wants to leave? "To be a good father," Jones says, "which I'm learning more about every day."

Lyndon Stambler is the co-author, with his father, Irwin Stambler, of Folk & Blues: The Encyclopedia.
Portrait photographer William Coupon is based in New York City.


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