Q and A: Smithsonian Channel Host Tom Cavanagh

Actor Tom Cavanagh discusses what it is like to go behind the scenes of the Smithsonian museums

With a degree in English, biology and education, actor Tom Cavanagh holds his own on Smithsonian Channel's award-winning series, "Stories from the Vaults." (Smithsonian Channel)
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Yes, I think if we could find a way to do it where we weren’t using the Smithsonian as a platform for our own designs, we would do it. It would have to come up organically, in other words if we had a curator that wanted to talk about it, then, or course.

Do you have a favorite artifact?

Oh boy, I really couldn’t pick. How do you choose between listening to an accomplished musician playing a Stradivarius violin one day and then standing in front of Alan Shepard’s space suit the next? There are so many objects, it’s incredible.

Any artifacts from your career that you would like to see at the Smithsonian?

I don’t think that I have anything worthy. Though, I like to believe that one day there will be something of mine that the Smithsonian would like to have.

How about the suit of armor from Ed?

That’s great, yeah sure, lets get that suit of armor in the Smithsonian.

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