Meet Sesame Street’s Global Cast of Characters

Over the course of the 40 years that the program has been on the air, Sesame Street has spawned versions in countries around the world

(Sesame Workshop)

Hilda- Northern Ireland Sesame Tree

Hilda Sesame Street
(Sesame Workshop)

The American production's urban street is replaced with settings more familiar to local audiences. In Northern Ireland, folklore tells of a “fairy tree” inhabited by magical forces. Hilda, an adventurous Irish hare, lives in the tree with Potto and other characters on Sesame Tree, the co-production Sesame Workshop based off this legend. When children submit a question through the Big, Whizzing Machine, for the pair to investigate, Hilda jets off with her cell phone to find whomever might have the answer, such as a set of quintuplets who talk about the importance of sharing.


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