John Hodgman Gives “More Information Than You Require”

John Hodgman, best recognized as the "PC" in the Apple advertising campaign, discusses how humans distinguish fact from falsehood

John Hodgman, the author of "More Information Than You Require," is a preeminent authority on fake trivia. (Jan Cobb/Dutton Publishing)

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Inviting people to play, whether it’s with clever jokes or smartly curated exhibits, people will respond to it. I think the idea – trivia itself is playful, it is by definition trivial. It does not require much from the hearer other than a benign curiosity of the past. Maybe a lot more presidential trivia in the Hall of Presidents, but there were a lot of people walking around looking at those portraits, so I don’t know if that’s even necessary.

People like trivia and they like being able to engage history through fascinating, unbelievable, but true facts. Or fascinating unbelievable, but false facts.


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