Jennifer Drapkin and Sarah Zielinski on “Celestial Sleuth”

Jennifer Drapkin and Sarah Zielinski on “Celestial Sleuth”

Sarah Zielinski (left) is an assistant editor at Smithsonian magazine and Jennifer Drapkin (right) is a senior editor at Mental Floss magazine. (Molly Roberts / Jennifer Drapkin)

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Zielinski: I’ve never been the type of person to stare at a piece of art for a long time, trying to decipher its meaning. I tend to look and quickly decide whether or not I like it and then move on. But that changed a little after I spoke with Don Olson. I started looking at the stars in painted skies and, like him, wondering which ones they were. It hadn’t occurred to me before this that those little dots might represent real celestial bodies. But now I do wonder.

How does knowing such details enhance the work?

Zielinski: For me, it provides another dimension to the work. I tend to be a literal thinker, so this helps me relate to the art.

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