Excerpts From Patience Worth's The Sorry Tale

Excerpts FromPatience Worth'sThe Sorry Tale


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And the dark babe went unto the door’s ope and cried unto the dark: “Nadab! Nadab!” And oped up his arms and shewed of the light. And Nada made the sign of silence, and they hung silent and listed. And the winds arose and sounded, and it sounded as the thudding of the racks and Nada spake: “Yea! Yea! He hath heard!”

Excerpt from Book 2, Chapter X

And lo, within the walls, with sped feet, stepped Panda. And after, chattering, followed Aaron. And Aaron's chatter mocked the even's still. And they swept on and down the way unto the house of Levi. And when they had come unto it, behold no light shewed within, nor did the eyes of Panda fall thereon. And he swept on, and they came unto the market's way, and men walked and bore of brazen torches, filled of soaked wools. And the burn of oils smoked the air and within the light sped Panda on, and Aaron, still chattering and laughing.

And behold, Panda, in his speeding, came upon a one, and they ran each unto the other's arms 'mid the dark. And the lights blazed up at the wind's rising and fell upon the face of Theia. And Panda looked upon it and cried out, and Theia's lips made sound, but no word. But her hand pointed up unto the Rome's place, and Panda spake:

"Yea! Yea! Yea!"

And Theia looked unto Panda's eyes, and behold, they streamed, and she threw her hands high and cast her upon the bosom of Panda.

And they stood still, pressed one unto the other. And Panda sunk down, down unto his knees, even before Theia.

And Theia spake: "Panda! Panda! Panda! Panda! Ah 'tis music! Panda, this is Jerusalem, and Rome hath slaves. But here Rome hath forgot her dealing. Arise!"

And Panda said "Rome dealeth not slavedom, nay, nay. He thou seeketh dealeth, and Panda giveth what is but thine."

And Theia spake fast and soft: "Panda, Panda, Hatte, Hatte—he is there!"


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