A Woodstock Moment – 40 Years Later

On a whim, a young duo went to the legendary festival only to be captured in a memorable image by photographer Burk Uzzle

Two in half a million: Bobbi Kelly and Nick Ercoline greet the dawn on August 17, 1969. (Burk Uzzle)
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Uzzle, 71 and living in his native North Carolina, is still making photographs. His work hangs in galleries and museums around the world. And his Woodstock photograph hangs, poster-size, above Nick and Bobbi's breakfast table.

"I look at it every day," Bobbi says. "I met Nick, we fell in love and it was the beginning of my best life." The embrace may have been theirs alone, but the image captures a romantic moment in America's collective memory. If that moment would soon seem overtaken by Altamont or Kent State or Cambodia, then Nick and Bobbi's marriage offers reassurance: the Woodstock moment was real, and it endures.

Timothy Dumas, author of the true-crime book Greentown, writes frequently about the arts from his base in Connecticut.


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