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A New Look at the Men of Baseball’s Past

Charles Conlon’s classic photographs of baseball players from the early 20th century offer a glimpse into a familiar sport at an otherworldly time

Edd Roush

Edd Roush
(© Sporting News)
The hands of outfielder Edd Roush. Players did not use batting gloves during this era, but that didn’t stop Roush from hitting .323 during his Hall of Fame career (spent primarily with the Cincinnati Reds). He was known for using the heaviest bat in the sport: a 48-ouncer that outweighed even Babe Ruth’s. Conrad praises the sharp detail that Conlon captured: “What made the Graflex camera that Conlon used so unique was that it had a focal plane shutter,” he says. “You could just focus and fire. You didn't have to put the camera on a tripod. The Graflex allowed for sports photography for the first time.”

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