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Smithsonian magazine informs and inspires readers with knowledge they can trust through a balanced editorial blend of topical, relevant issues and historical perspective. Every month Smithsonian leads the conversation with coverage of culture in all its forms, including travel, the arts, history, biography, science and the natural world, through narrative, photography and first-hand reporting.

Our Readers
The Smithsonian audience is a group of influential thinkers who trust us to present factual, well-researched and insightful articles, giving them the tools to make well-informed decisions. Each month, Smithsonian reaches millions of well-rounded, discriminating individuals who have discerning tastes and a curiosity to know more.

Our Writers
Smithsonian only features writers and journalists who are experts in their fields. Always respecting the intelligence of the Smithsonian reader, our writers deliver the highest quality editorial, sharing knowledge and educating our readers.

Smithsonian magazine was nominated for Ad Week's 2013 Hot List Poll:
Hottest Thought Leader


Audience 7,049,000
Male/Female 55%/45%
Median HHI $74,472

College Educated or more 80%
Post Graduate Degree 23%
Professional/Managerial 29%

Source: Gfk MRI Fall 2013

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